Thursday, 21 February 2013

Book Two Cover reveal...

Last weekend saw the grand unveiling of the cover for the sequel to Knight & Play courtesy of Vanity Case Books , a fab new review site for women's fiction run by a bunch of girls after my own heart ~ they love wine, shoes and books. We could be sisters!
They did a great job for me over the weekend, a fun night was had by all. :O)

If you missed the party, then here for your delectation is my latest cover.


I love it! Major thanks to Angela Oltmann for working so hard with me to create both covers in the Knight series, I adore them.

So... Drumroll....


Pretty, huh?

Knight & Stay, coming in April 2013


  1. Love the cover for book 2. It has a magical and whimsical feel to it. Am so looking forward to the next chapter in Lucien and Sophie's journey.

  2. Christmas is coming early * happy dancing and pelvic thrusting in place*

  3. Its so good! Can't wait to read the next book, keep up the goodwork :)