Saturday, 9 February 2013

30,000 sales in eleven weeks...

Following on from my very long and rambling twenty thousand sales post a few weeks back, I'm excited to be able to say I've now passed thirty thousand. Or 30, 660 to be precise. :O) That's a bit bonkers, isn't it?

Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word, downloaded the book, left reviews, tweeted... I'm  indebted to you all.

Am having massive fun with twitter! Come by and chat @kittysbooks - we mostly talk about wine, men, books, and other similar matters of earth shattering importance.

Book two is coming soon. I'll be able to reveal the gorgeous new cover and title in a few days... watch this space.

April is gonna be busy, busy, busy!

I'm thinking if I just give up on sleep altogether, I can make this thing work. ;o)


  1. Awesome sales, so pleased for you! Try to get a teensy bit of sleep, it IS necessary!

  2. Congrats reading K & P as I type this.